Pentax Battery Cover now in new colors

IMGP5447The battery cover for Pentax D-LI90 batteries is now available in 7 fresh colors in my Shapeways Shop at

The cover fits on the D-LI90 batteries that are used in the Pentax cameras K-7, K-5, K-7II, K-3 and the medium format cameras Pentax 645D and 645Z and protects their contacts against damage and short circuit.

Lightroom tip: Reassign JPG to RAW files

Adobe Lightroom can handle JPG files that belong to RAW files when working on the filesystem. This is useful when you set up the camera to store RAW and JPG files with each photo you take. Doing so, Lightroom can delete the JPGs that belong to pictures when you delete pictures or move them to the destination folder when moving the RAW file via Lightroom.

But what, when you’ve done the import on a directory where only the RAW files were stored and the JPG were in an other folder?

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